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BRAZILIË: Marco Sieber

Expert Marco Sieber ( 31 years old )

Why to work with this expert
Marco, German native, works with the Experiences Brazil since March 2015 in Sales, key account management German-speaking market and Product Development remotely and in office. Since 2009 he saw himself in a constant process to learn what travel is about and he did not yet arrive at a final conclusion. Marco lived in England, Spain, Ecuador and Colombia and currently lives in Brazil to be closer to the country’s heartbeat. This style of live brought him to explore Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina and soon Chile, whereas many countries will follow. His desire is to make visitors understand that traveling is about exploring the big thing called culture in its most authentic way: “Do what the locals do! At a glance, I am always keen to learn about places and their cultures and explore them with the locals; because I think that they are the real experts of their home no matter how often we look at the guide book in our suitcase or backpack. My philosophy is to go out and listen to them, be interested in their life, hang out with them and eventually gain authenticity which I can transfer to my customers.” Marco is also a YouTube creator (Marcoslocaladventures) and hobby photographer and runs his own Website
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