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JORDANIË: Ala'a Al Nubani

Expert Ala'a Al Nubani ( 31 years old )

Why to work with this expert
Hello, I'm Ala'a. I'm a mother of a baby girl Tuleen :)
I've been working at GAT since 2009. Travel consultant at Inbound department.
I was born in Rome and I have lived there till I was 6 years, my first plane trip I think it was when I was 1 Month! I used to travel and really enjoy it, I remember when my parents were letting me and my sister take a look at the cockpit I was always fascinated with all the buttons they have. At that time my best gift was the soap they gave me on the plane  
Travelling really opens your eyes to the beauty of other cultures.
I have traveled to Italy, Malta, Thailand and Turkey my destination is Rome

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