Japan: Trang Vuong

Expert Trang Vuong ( 0 years old )

Why work with this expert

皆様、はじめまして!(meaning: Nice to meet you all! in Japanese)
My name is Vuong Huyen Trang, but you can call me by my first name – Trang. Currently I’m working as a travel consulter in Japan market. I’m an out-going and a travelling addicted type of person. I believe the differences in each culture on the other hand will bring people around the world closer. That’s also the reason why I love to make new friend, experience new custom and last but not least to create life-time adventures. I have been to many Asian countries such as: Korea, China, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar… but there’s only one country that stole my heart in the very first time – Japan. This country can delivers an extraordinary variety of experiences from historic shrines to the latest technology. The contrast between a young women dressed up in a sophisticated Kimono (Japanese traditional costume) walking among non-stop flows of salary men, flickering neon billboards and brightly-lit modern building – could not be more dramatic and mesmerized. It’s such a pleasure for me to help you have a deeper understanding as well as create one of the most unforgettable journey in Japan with all my humble knowledge. From my point of view, visiting Japan is never getting bored!
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