Sri Lanka: Vimukshi Dodangoda

Expert Vimukshi Dodangoda ( 26 years old )

Why work with this expert

I’m Vimukshi and I started my career path in tourism soon after graduating. I am an adventure and a wildlife fanatic which has long been my main motivation for travelling. I always make sure to get away from the city at every opportunity I get to explore different people, nature and landscapes.

Ask me and I’ll tell you the best places to visit in our paradise island and the best reasons to travel would be its wild life bio-diversity, misty mountains rising into the clouds, tea estates, world heritage sites, sandy beaches, incredible cuisine and our world-renowned hospitality. Basically, it’s a little island packed with a variety of sceneries and experiences. 

So, write to me, I will be happy to create your next unforgettable holiday to the ‘World’s Best Island Destination’.
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