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MAROKKO: Brahim Bourrich

Expert Brahim Bourrich ( 34 years old )

Why to work with this expert
Working for "Orion Trek Voyages" since 2009 gave me a great knowledge and the chance to visit many parts of Morocco already: Imperial cities, Mountains, Sahara, and the Coast. I always want to get closer to this amazing culture. Travel is definitely a lifestyle and one that I was very happy to get used to and share with others! I grew up in a small and peaceful village situated 30 km outside of the touristic city, Agadir, which enriches my life with real Moroccan culture and traditions. My fundamental studies in English language at the university made sharing my knowledge and experiences with our travelers all these years easier. But, recently, I succeeded to get my quality management diploma which enlightens more my vision about tourism and clients’ satisfaction. I am at your disposal, so get in touch and talk to me in order to design your own trip/adventure.
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